Platform that analyses hundreds of datapoints during your mobile user acquisition campaign providing actionable reports and optimising your ROI in real-time
We value the effective use of data and we provide a great solution to our partners to track and analyse the data regarding every offer promoted with our help. We believe that the right tracking system provides the necessary tools to attract valuable users, to dismiss all the fraudulent ones and have a clear picture of the actual performance of the offers. Our smart system optimises audience targeting in real-time, maximises your ROI – while respecting user privacy.
Knowing the right user and their preferences is the essential part of a successful promotion. Therefore, depending on the offer, we use the appropriate monetisation format, Video or Banners, to achieve the highest possible results. We have direct access to all the major mobile display and rich media SSPs, which brings the best direct placements for your audience. Our intelligent performance tracking algorithm knows exactly which video or banner should be shown to each user.
Running successful promotional campaigns always involves detailed planning, correct targeting in order to reach the right audiences, and most importantly, optimisation. Years of experience in the field of online advertisement, combined with our innovative technology, gives us the advantage of maximising the results, and the right optimisation techniques help the advertisers reach their preferred goals and maintain the quality of the traffic.
Gathering traffic data is great, but what do you do next? We believe that the right interpretation of the collected data can increase not only the quantity of the traffic, but also the quality. We provide insights regarding the traffic sources, their origin in terms of GEO location, device types and applications used in order to promote the offers. This helps us and the advertisers know better the users, their needs and how to better serve them.
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